"Best of the best" - Integrated Customer Value Creation Training

Section 1: Why is Creating Value For Your Customers Important To You?


  • Customers purchase on what they perceive as value to them
  • Why focus on creating value for customers?
  • Upgrade marketing effectiveness
  • Manage customer perceived value over the course of the buying cycle

Section 2: How To Define Your Customer Needs?


  • Customers perceive value in several dimensions
  • Types of customer needs
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC)
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Story Telling
  • Surveys
  • Customer Intelligence Data

Section 3: Creating your Outside-In Strategic Plan


  • Learn modern business marketing tactics and tools
  • Establish your Value Proposition
  • Create your Strategic Plan
  • Conduct a Competitive Analysis
  • Content Marketing Planning
  • Co-Creation / Netnography 

Section 4: Implement changes within your company - Making it happen


  • Transform Product Development
  • Transform Pricing - Discounts
  • Transform Customer Relationship Management
  • Implement Voice of the Customer
  • Transform Customer Experience and Service
  • Transform company culture

Section 5: Continue Building Customer Focused improvements


  • Company-wide management tools
  • Customer Retention
  • Management metrics
  • Build a strong customer focused culture
  • Big Data / Analytics

Why this training is important to you and your company

You will learn how to create value for your customers. In today's Internet-driven and global economy, businesses are struggling to find differentiation from their competitors.  Customers have access to products and services from a seemingly endless number of vendors. It is more important than ever for businesses to focus on the creating value for their customers in a way to attract and retain customers.

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