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Training today is typically based on only a few of the functional components within a company. There are training available for Customer Experience, Pricing, Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, building company culture, metrics, company-wide software tools and many more activities.  The CVCI BEYOND CX - CUSTOMER VALUE CREATION training looks at the entire scope within the company to establish the optimum growth and market share growth.  It's your only integrated and complete program you can take at your own pace.

This program is still under development with an availability October 2018, 

Development Volunteers Needed

  • Graphic Artists
  • Content Marketing
  • Course Reviewers

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Beyond CX - Customer Value Creation Training

Section 1: Why is Creating Value For Your Customers Important To You?

  • Customers purchase on what they perceive as value to them
  • Why focus on creating value for customers?
  • Upgrade marketing effectiveness
  • Manage customer perceived value over the course of the buying cycle

Section 2: How To Define Your Customer Needs?

  • Customers perceive value in several dimensions
  • Types of customer needs
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC)
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Surveyes

Section 3: Creating your Outside-In Strategic Plan

  • Learn modern business marketing tactics and tools
  • Establish your Value Proposition
  • Create your Strategic Plan
  • Conduct a Competitive Analysis

Section 4: Implement changes within your company - Making it happen

  • Transform Product Development
  • Transform Pricing - Discounts
  • Transform Customer Relationship Management
  • Implement Voice of the Customer
  • Transform Customer Experience and Service
  • Transform company culture

Section 5: Continue Building Customer Focused improvements

  • Company-wide management tools
  • Customer Retention
  • Management metrics
  • Build a strong customer focused culture

Why this training is important to you and your company

You will learn how to create value for your customers. In today's Internet-driven and global economy, businesses are struggling to find differentiation from their competitors.  Customers have access to products and services from a seemingly endless number of vendors. It is more important than ever for businesses to focus on the creating value for their customers in a way to attract and retain customers.

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