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The premier global nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of the customer value creation community

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CVCI is here to help individuals and companies of all types and sizes respond to these changes, to achieve long-term success through the enablement and delivery of customer Value.  


Customer defined value over internal definitions

  • Proactive innovation over relying on internal assumptions
  • Mutual value creation over being driven to change
  • Delivery of validated customer value over extensive plans

New Online Video Training Program Being Developed

CVCI is now creating a new training program called "BEYOND CX - CUSTOMER VALUE CREATION"

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Based on our member feedback, like the Phoenix, CVCI will rise from the ashes

This is a re-building period for CVCI, our initial goal is to provide our members quality and effective Customer Value Creation Training.  We are looking for others who would like to participate in this training development program.

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